All the prices listed here are for personal, non-commercial use only.

If you're considering use my work for a commercial project, please let me know beforehand.

After the commission is confirmed, I will send you a paypal invoice. I will only start working on the product after payment is confirmed.

I will accept adjustments during the sketch stage of the commission. The first three (3) requests to adjust something will be free of charge, however extra requests will come with a charge. Also take in mind I will not make big adjustments after the lineart is complete.

Please do not commission me if you are in a rush. I work on my pace and may not be able to deliver if you need the final result the next day. I will be clear about how long I might take to finish the work (depending on its complexity) and will provide updates after each stage is completed (or when requested). I'll never leave the client on the dark about the process, but please don't rush me or expect it to be finished in a few days.

Due to how Paypal works in Brazil, I will provide no refunds. Please only send a payment after I accept your inquiry.

All prices are in USD.

About the final product, YOU CAN:

  • Post it online, as long you provide somewhere (be it in the description or another text area) that the artwork was made by me. A link to my website or social media account would be greatly appreciated, but not needed. You can use the username 'RetroKaribu' for the credits.
  • Use it for non-commercial projects, as you see fit. Again please credit me as the artist of the artwork somewhere on your project.
  • Use it as a reference for your character/fursona or profile picture for your accounts, again with proper credits somewhere on your page.


  • Claim the work as yours. I don't take onwership of your character, however I retain all rights over the commissioned work, including reproduction and distribution rights. Basically you can say it's your character, but it was drawn by me.
  • Edit the artwork, make visual changes, sell it, or any form of money making. However you're allowed to crop the image to make an icon, for example.

Please take in mind by commissioning me you agree with all terms on this page.


  • I work with high resolution and 350 dpi. The commissioner will receive the final product in its full size.
  • Please provide as many visual/textual details as you can. If you don't have a character reference, you can use photos or a similar picture to describe your character. Take in mind if the character description isn't clear enough, there will be additional costs. Please contact and discuss with me beforehand.
  • If possible, it's great if you share with me a description of your character personality or backstory. I enjoy knowing the details of the character I'm going to draw.
  • Complex designs (wings, extra limbs, detailed clothes) may have an additional cost. Contact me beforehand.
  • I have the right to decline a commission request for any reason, be it because of full slots, content I'm not comfortable with, or requests with any kind of discriminatory, racist, homophobic, transphobic and/or hateful discourse towards any kind of group. I'll also decline inquiries of characters that are referred with slur terms.
  • I do not work with NFT or any non-fungible, virtual coin. I will never allow my work to be sold or used as NFT or anything related.
  • If you commission me NSFW content, make sure you're above 18 years old or legal age for your area! If you fake your age and I find it out the commission will be cancelled and you might be blocked. If you are a minor please do not commission NSFW content.


Below are lists of things I will draw and things I will not draw. As for the things I 'may' draw, it depends and needs to be analyzed per case. If something is not listed, please contact me beforehand.


  • Humans/Humanoids
  • Furry/Anthro
  • Fandom characters (including fan characters)
  • Nudity, Suggestive themes and NSFW (if you have legal age!)
  • BG focus
  • Any body types


  • Feral/Monsters/Creatures
  • Animals
  • Robots/Androids/Mechas (It highly depends on complexity level.)
  • Vehicles or detailed buildings


  • Hate art
  • Heavy gore
  • NSFW with minors
  • Non consensual


For commission inquiries, please check the commission page: COMMISSION INFO